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El Yucateco Flavor Blitz and Tailgating Giveaway


New to El Yucateco?  Claim your Flavor!


(This is the part where if you've been referred by a friend you can sign up for your free bottle of El Yucateco!  But wait.  We got ahead of ourselves...)


Are you ready to run your first Flavor Blitz?  Did a friend refer you to claim your  free bottle of hot sauce?  Do you have no idea how you got here but you want your 1st Free Bottle of El Yucateco?


You, my fine, flavorful friend, are in the right place.


Enter your information below and as someone new to El Yucateco we will mail you (yes, snail mail - it still exists) a coupon for a FREE bottle of El Yucateco Hot Sauce.  And some stickers.  Everybody loves stickers.


Disclaimer - While Supplies Last.  And hey - you rabid fans out there - share the 'Teco Love, and don't keep it all for yourselves by signing up for a free bottle.  It's 2020 - Pay the Flavor Forward and get your tasteless friends some sauce! (Another Disclaimer - your friends aren't tasteless or anything.  But their food might be!).


Want to earn entries in the Flavor Blitz Sweepstakes?  You too can refer tasteless friends to earn entries and get those people in dire need of flavor some free El Yucateco.


And just in case you missed it, offer is valid while supplies last.