For the Flavor Fanatics

If you're fanatical about El Yucateco, then you need this gear!
El Yucateco Custom Crew Socks

El Yucateco Custom Crew Socks

$ 11.95

Flavor for your mouth?  We so got that. But...what about flavor for your feet?  Well we've got that now too! Wait.  That sounds wrong.  But you get...

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Mexican achiote paste in a 300 ml bottle - great for marinades, spices, or as a side sauce

Achiote Sauce

from $ 36.70

El Yucateco’s Annatto Condiment is made with high-quality annatto seeds, grown in our Yucatan Peninsula fields. Use a generous amount to marinate c...

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A plastic, transparent plastic tube holds four mini-hot sauce bottles featuring some of El Yucateco's most popular sauces - Green, Red, Caribbean, and Black Label Reserve.

Flavor Shots

$ 10.95

Bring the flavor to your next party with El Yucateco Flavor Shots! Featuring four .74oz bottles of some of our most popular hot sauces including G...

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